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Styling & Dressing Homes

Why should I spend money styling and dressing my home?

This has to be one of the questions we get asked most, individuals can feel offended as they perceive their furniture is already good enough, or it's a waste of money. The reality is it's got more to do with current fashion trends, it's typically minimalistic which seems at odds with how we actually live.

Having the right colour palette and style is designed to make homes feel more luxurious and bigger, in vogue with what's happening in the market place.


We recently had a beautiful home in Greensborough that had relatively new furniture, it was high quality leather lounges, recliners with matching coffee tables and TV units, this quality them flowed right through the home, it was luxurious and comfortable.

The problem was the colours were deep browns and the furniture bulky with high backs, it actually drained the light out of the rooms and made it feel dark, the size of the furniture with high backs made the rooms feel smaller and cramped.
This theme followed throughout the home, the vendors listened to our chief stylist and agreed to have their home dressed, we also removed all the curtains and used sheers.

The home now looked huge with lots of light and felt totally up to date, interestingly that home sold before auction with a motivated buyer offering $113K above their top price estimate, everything we did inside and out motivated the buyer.


We were presenting a home in Richmond, the vendor had an extremely eclectic taste in colour schemes and furniture, it really reflected her creative nature, after conversing with our colour palette specialist and stylist she felt her collection of styling cues would appeal to most people.

Her confident observation was "Everybody likes this style it's so in fashion".

The online marketing campaign had only an exterior shot of her home with a floor-plan, eventually the house was pulled of the market after only receiving a [couple of lowball offers.

If I could offer one bit of advice is go and view a display home and get a sense of the style, colours and current fashion trends.