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What we do

We take the anxiety and fear out of preparing your property for sale, it's a highly complex and emotional roller coaster.

The fact is your title goes from Homeowner to Vendor, thus turning your home from with all it's memories into a saleable asset. This is where many can become distressed as their favourite picture or furnishings with all it's sentiments may actually hinder a sale.

The moment you become a vendor we are preparing the home for someone else's dreams and their vision are usually different from yours.

"A home is your castle, we are now preparing to be someone else's castle"

Part 1:

Our Free Property Audit is an innovative revolution created to help home seller deal with the most challenging questions of 'How and Whom" do i present my whole house for sale? Rent Sell Buy Move has the management expertise and vision for all those questions.

Part 2:

Identifies the most common 'Home Staging Disasters" vendors make, this can cost you in four ways;

  1. Time
  2. Stress
  3. The Sale
  4. Lost money

Our 'Presentation Action Plan" is designed to alleviate your stress and maximise the final sales price.

Part 3:

We execute the 'Presentation Action Plan" using our strategic workflow programme via our trade and presentation technicians. Each technician uses a specific service guide to complete each task in our plan.